ID? (repro of .50 Smith Carbine)


Is this real? What is it?


Hi sksvlad,
It could be a needlefire cartridge (Eley?)…


Vlad–Just a wild guess, but it could be a modern reproduction of a .50 Smith to enable someone to shoot their vintage gun.


I agree with Ron. That toilet paper roller style wrapped paper case indicates this is probably a reproduction.


The tube is a type that has been sold for use by people who shoot .58 caliber rifle muskets, such as the North-South Skirmish Association participants. A dark colored cardboard plug closes one end. The tube is filled with the appropriate charge of black powder and the lubricated Minie ball is inserted in the open end. The tubes can be used over and over again and are a cheap, easy substitute for paper cartridges. These have been avaialble since at least the 1960s. I think they use plastic tubes now.
Collectable? Who knows, people collect everything…


Vlad, agree with most of the others that it is a modern reproduction. Just measured the OD of a Duracell AA battery at .552". From the photo comparison the cartridge must be close to 58 caliber. The original Smith cartridges were closed at the base except for a small flash hole which had thin paper across the inside base of the case to cover the flash hole. During the Civil War Smith cartridges were made of heavy carboard, India rubber/gutta percha and a Poultney combination of thin wrapped brass covered by wrapped paper.