ID Request: 7.62 White Tip

These are projectiles that I came across. They are obvious pulls and are very dirty with what appears to be white tips. They weigh in from 182-183 grains with most of them closer to 182. The center of the base is hard, presumably steel when I scratch at it with a pin. Diameter is 0.3105 inches and length is 1.476". I would be grateful to learn everything I can about these projectiles, thank you.

A whitish silver tip usually means a light ball (147gr) with a steel core.

Jon, these are way too long for the “light steel core ball” (“LPS”).

And the weight is wrong, but that’s what that tip color usually means. Apparently not in this case.

Yes but this is white as far as we can see. Also we have no positive ID as for which case this belongs to and which country made it.

Perhaps at one time it had a yellow and white tip, heavy steel-core ball?

Yellow + silver, these were the heavy ball steel cores made in Hungary.

This one:

Hungarian steel cored heavy ball projectile with white tip identifies it as having been loaded as a reference or ballistic standard round. A quantity of this ammunition was imported as surplus several years ago. The Czechs also loaded an identical projectile in the 1950’s with a plain tip, but I do not know if they ever loaded as a reference round or used the white tip marking…


The Czechoslovaks used purple (violet) tips on their reference ammo.

Hmmm… not sure if any of these are a match. The white tips appear the be the singular color marking. Any other ideas? It obviously has steel in it as per the base. Thanks.

I have a 7.62x54R round with a white tip identified as a Chinese sniper round? The head stamp is 18 57. vic

Hi Vic, Do you know what the bullet weight is on that? Thanks.

Chinese white tips are their copy of the Russian LPS (which had the silver tip).
Any chance you could show us the hs as “18 57” sounds odd.

Here they are, left to right:
Russia, China, Hungary

The description is what I was told when I purchased this round

It was a Chinese sniper round

Vic, is not “18” but “81”

I agree on the 81 and this is the reason why I asked, the image explains it all.
As said before, it is a LPS copy which is by it’s construction no real good sniper round. Maybe it “became” a sniper round to sound more important or becoming more expensive just like so many other attributes used in such cases like experimental, spec ops, clandestine, special purpose, sabotage, DU, chemical, silent, IR, under water etc. etc.

Thank you for the correct identification and correction on bullets use. Vic