ID Request: 7.62x39 Chinese Black Tip, 2 part jacket

This came from a sealed can. Looks like the API I had but this doesn’t have the red, only solid black. Same two part jacket though. Anyone know what this is? Thanks!

these bullets are API
i have the same in 12.7x108 and 14.5x114 chinese
i don’t know the years but china switched for simple black tip instead of black/red tip

This manufacturer simplified 7,62x39 API production from black-ov[color=#FF0000]er-red[/color] to black-only in 1966, if my memory serves me well. I seem to recall that at the same time the API received the black primer annulus which was red before.


Does anyone have specifications on what the core is made of and its hardness on these? Is it molybdenum, or tungsten, or ???

No tungsten, just a steel alloy.

Sorry to drudge this up, does anyone know the following…

  1. Incendiary mixture type and amount?
  2. Alloy of the AP core. I think is is molybdenum but more precise info would be super.
  3. Hardness value of the core, if available?

I’m getting ready to publish my penetration testing results and would like to add this information. If necessary I will find a way to get a recovered core hardness tested.

As above, the Chinese went to an all black tip around 1966 and added a black primer annulus where before there was none. I can’t speak to the exact hardness of the cores, but from my own testing I had at least one core break in half, with the tip remaining embedded in the steel plate. Look forward to seeing your testing of this round as my experience was less than scientific and left me unimpressed with the performance of the cartridge.


Well, whatever the incidendiary mixture is it detonates against steel but not wood or even reinforced concrete. I would love to find out what the composition is. Chinese mystery I guess.

I fired a 1958 dated round of this ammunition at a steel plate that was around 3/8" Thick. I was probably too close to have done it safely, but it penetrated the plate with no problem. It also made an impressive flash (clearly visible in direct sunlight) on impact.

Indeed. I have found a few things about these in my tests. Full data coming soon. For now…

  1. They consistantly penetrate 3/4" mild steel plate, but not 1" thick.
  2. They put on quite a show
  3. Plants exposed to the smoke shrivel and die shortly thereafter

That must mean it’s good stuff. In my final testing this weekend I also tested it against concrete and AR500 plate. My remaining rounds will be saved… for now.