ID request

Hello can anybody help me with the next two cases?

Rim diameter is 16,75 mm
Above rim it is 14.57 mm
mouth diameter is (outside) 13.9 mm

AOL is 63.7 for the short one
and 76.15 for the long one.

Only the RIM is magnetic!
It appears to be a brass case with a paper liner.

any help would be great.

regards rené

The look like .577 Martini cases which are longer than usual.

Aren’t they too small to be for an arm of .577 caliber? The 13.9 m/m outside neck diameter is close to .55 in. Jack

Hi René, these are “coiled paper” case variations of the .500 Black Powder Express in 2 1/2" and 3" case length.

Just to add to Fede’s comment, these are cases constructed on the Boxer pattern with an iron rim, similar to the .577 inch Snider and .45 inch Martini Henry.


Hi Everybody,

Thanks for all the help!
These are not really my field, so I know little about these cases.

Many thanks, rené