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Anybody help with this one? Who, what, where etc.

Another one that I don’t recognise!

So again any help would be appreciated.

And lastly this one too,


Many thanks.

7.5mm MAS made by Defence Industries, Damascus in 1957.

Many thanks Jim.

The second is a 6.5mm Carcano manufactured by Pirotecnico di Bologna, Bologna, Italy in 1944. The initials ‘R.M’ are for the Government Inspector Rubino, Mario.

And the third is a 7.5mm MAS manufactured by Cartoucherie de Toulouse during the 1st quarter of 1953. Case metal supplied by a company called Pontgiband. Despite the primer & casemouth colour this looks to be a ball round.

I know that the script on the left-hand side is Syria but can you tell me what the script on the right-hand side reads please?

M.M.D…Munasat Maamal al Dafah.

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That’s great, thanks for the help.