ID shells used to make container


I was hoping that someone might be able to assist me in identifying the markings on the shells that were used to make this container.

It was owned by Grandfather, who served in the Australian Army in WW2. However, he didn’t make it. My Dad believes that my Grandfather won it in some sort of gambling adventure, and that it was made by someone else.

The top has some sort of crest that I also have not yet been able to identify.

The outer area of the headstamp has the following markings:
A crown, with the initials AP underneath it. These two are enclosed in an oval, which is printed above a triangle
2 over 930 (like a fraction)

The inner area of the headstamp has the following markings:
CA (enclosed in an oval shape) II-35
18R (I think - it is hard to make this out, and the top side is covered by the crest)
there is also one other marking that I can’t make out

Have to put the other images as separate posts as I am a new user

This was an Italian 75mm case made in 1930.

Thank you very much, that 's very interesting.
Are you able to shed some light on the meanings of the other markings at all?
From what I read, I thought that the AP meant that it was manufactured in France, perhaps meant for a gun like this:

I have no idea what the M.B, 2/930, or CA II-35 means

2/930 indicates the date of manufacture. The Italian’s didn’t include the first digit of the year. Therefore 930 = 1930. I’m unsure if the 2 = February or second quarter of the year. I’m guessing that M.B. are the initials of the chief inspector at the factory but I’m basing that on their practices for SAA.
Someone with more knowledge than me will be able to confirm.

CA=Capua? Just a guess

No French relation there.

The round emblem in the centre is the royal arms of the British monarch. Dieu et mon droit (God and my right) is the motto.
Look up “75x185R Italiano” at the Spanish web site “”, you’ll see similar headstamps.