ID small rimfire round

Anyone know what the rim-fire round on the right is. The small B.B. appears to be about .118 caliber (like Daisy

That looks to me like a fairly common “fantasy cartridge,” a #4 Winchester Shotgun Primer with a piece of lead shot shoved in the mouth. I could be wrong - it has been a long time since I have seen one, but at one time, I saw this in quantity with a label calling it the “.12 Whatsit” or something like that.

A member of another forum also thought it was a No. 4 shotgun primer. Does anyone have a picture of a No.4 primer? I have never seen one and cannot find a picture of one on the net.

John–Your memory isn’t completely gone. You have identified it exactly. See Suydam “The American Cartridge” page 148.

Tom–A picture of a Win. #4 should be easy to come up with, but I am absolutly positive that the ID by John is correct, right down to the “W” on the base. This was a VERY common Joke “Cartridge” in the 1960’s.

Green on other forum nailed it exactly as No4 primer with a shot pellet.

I agree with everyone. No need to worry about looking for a picture of a Winchester No 4 primer, you have a perfectly good one already.

And while it has not been stated yet, your ‘cartridge’ is actrually a centerfire.

Thanks guys,
There were so many different opinions on the other board, I didn