ID: Thai .38 Super with hs "MEF"

The ID request for this Thai .38 Super arose on the Russian forum.
Anybody able to ID “MEF”?


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Sorry! I uploaded them here now.

Thx, that looks a bit, as in the hs they used 2 different bunters…
THe MEF looks in style different from the caliber marks. See letter E…
Maybe MEF is only the case maker and the case is usable for different final calibers, and this caliber is than impressed by the loading facility??

Is the E different or is it the force of the bunter that is different? The calibre stamping looks to have been done with a lot more force. Poor alignment of the machine or seperate bunters as Forensic suspects?

I would rule out later stamping as that would move case material around the symbols upwards - a typical effect when this is done (I am sure you have seen that before). The one here should be from a real bunter - which admittedly is of bad quality.

I wonder if this is a product of Naracarms Industry Co., Ltd. (NRC) in Thailand. Discussed here:

The photo below is from the above listed thread and while a bit blurry it seems to have some resemblance to the headstamp posted by EOD.


And since the .38 Super are in a box made in Thailand, the idea that these were made by NRC seems very plausible.



“MEF” stand for “Military Explosives Factory”, Nakhonsawan, Thailand. It belongs to the ministry of defence and is making many different cartridges for both the military and civilian market, some of them using foreign components. Also, it is the one loading the Thai 30x165 and 30x173 rounds discussed recently (using cases made by NRC).

By the way, one of the “MEF” 9 mm headstamps used by them looks identical to the rare “NANO” headstamp that I found in Thailand in 2010. Also, you can find “MEF” headstamps in “NRC” boxes, that indicates these companies are working together.



Fede, as usual the solution came from you! Thanks a lot!!!