ID these for newbie

Found these in a box of trinkets. Need help to ID them please.


measurements, headstamp photo or text of it would be of help.

Kind of look like .45 Schofields

45 Schofield made by Frankford Arsenal Nov 1889…

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.45 Schofield cartridges from Frankford Arsenal are fairly common but these are great historical cartridges.

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Thanks guys. There was a 44 A and 44 R ( I assume American and Russian). Glad I didnt get something valuable or it would spark a new hobby. Dont need any more of $hobby.

If You get time, please show the headstamps. You never know if you have something scarce.

Its not my good fortune to find anything rare but I keep hoping. Thanks for all the help.

Thanks XL4,
I don’t know about the D headstamped rimfire, but I think the .32 S&W Long with the full metal jacketed bullet is a little better. Probably not enough to start a new hobby…

Thanks. Might be 32 rimfire? Gotta find my calipers. Interesting hobby…my problem would be ‘one of each’ syndrome.