ID this 5.56 headstamp


Found on ammunition remanufactured by “Black Hills” from once fired brass. Also found on police ranges and commercially sold as once fired (presumably US) military brass. Reportedly other years are known besides 04.

I compared this headstamp to some “LC 04 +” brass I have and do not think they are from the same manufacturer. As you can see, on the mystery case, the “4” is an “open” or “European” style as I call it, while the LC is closed.
The NATO cross on the mystery case is more like a star (like the actual NATO symbol) instead of a cross.

Any ideas? I don’t collect this caliber, so I have few references to compare with. Is the US using foreign produced 5.56 at home for training? Maybe from Israel? I cannot see why there would be a need to disguise the origin of the ammo though unless some it ends up going to Iraq and they want to avoid the implications of the US using Israeli made ammo on Arabs or something…