ID this 5.56x45

Green tipped


I think you are correct in thinking it is Austrian. The bullet should be magnetic. I think the SC on the box means Steel Core.

Yes SC=steel core
cases are made at NGA (New Generation Ammunition)South Africa for Hirtenberger


I’m going to presume (from the green tip) this is a 62gr bullet - yes?

Yes, they should be the 62gr SS109 bullets. The green tip is indicative of that, but also the ogive is correct fot Hirtenberger SS109.
I have a good amount of Hirt. SS109 ammunition which I purchased in the early 90s, but mine had different(shinier) casings and the Hirtenberger headstamps.
I never knew that NGA made cases for Hirtenberger. Very interesting indeed. Thanks gyrojet!