ID this 9mm cartridge


Case is headstamped FC 9mm LUGER. Flat point bullet has “F” stamped in the center.


That’s a Federal Expanding Full Metal Jacket “EFMJ”. That one with the F cut out is either an early version that had the F cut out, or somebody has painstakingly cut it out with an exacto knife - I’m not sure which. All of those rds has a faint F on the tip, but that one is the only one I have seen that is cut out. That pic came from one of my boxes of specialty 9mm rds, the full box shown here:


DK - What do you mean by “cut out?” While there are at least two distinctly different letters “F” found on the nose of these Federal FMJ Expanding bullets, they are all impressed, and I have seen none that I would describe as faint, although a bad strike could certainly case that. I have three variations of this round, all originally from Federal boxes.


You are right John - I just checked it, and although I had thought that one had been scored or cut to reveal the inside, and then colored with ink, it’s actually just been pressed down a little (with a nail or something) and then had some color added to it by the previous owner I guess. There seems to be a varying degree of impression depth on those letter F’s.


Wow! Sorry for subject drift, but do you have a “key” for your box of speciality rounds?