ID this cartridge adaptor please

Please help ID the cartridge adaptor at the top of this picture.

All I know is that the pistol cartridge is a .25 ACP and that there is a rod inside the blued steel adaptor to fire the cartridge. There are no markings on the adaptor and the pistol cartridge headstamp is unknown. The few cartridge adaptors I have seen have the pistol cartridge at the base, not the front like this one. What would the full size cartridge caliber be?


I’m pretty sure Dale Spahr collects those. Perhaps someone is in contact with him to get the exact designation.

Hello, AKMS…It appears to be a Marble’s adaptor. They were made for all the popular calibers around 1910 or so. It should have a number on or near the base. Somewhere, I have a list of all of these, but can’t find it now. If the cartridge to be fired is a .25 ACP, then the adaptor probably fits a .25 Remington, .250 Savage, .257 Roberts, etc…rifle chamber. If you have these cartridges in your collection, or dimensions for same, compare the adaptor to these and you will come up with the right one…Randy


That looks like an adapter for the 250-3000 Savage. It would have the number 170 if it’s a Marbles.


Is the list of Marble’s numbers too long to publish the complete list on the Forum? Just a thought, thinking of those that don’t have this information.

John Moss


I don’t have a list other than what I found in the 1950 edition of the SHOOTERS BIBLE.

Lacking a scanner, I photographed it.

AKMS - If you don’t want the one you have I’ll buy it from you at TWICE the retail price - $2.


Hi, All…The list I have is not too long…I will attempt to find it and list it here…unless someone beats me to it…Randy

I keep a very modest collection of Auxiliary cartridges because they bring back memories of a happier time in my life. Happier because I was a lot younger and life was a lot simpler.

I was a young farm boy during WW II and my only “Hi Power” rifle was a Stevens bolt action in 30-30 caliber. Shooting factory ammunition was out of the question even if I could have found any so I had to rely on a Lyman “nutcracker” loading tool, a bullet mold, and whatever powder and primers I could find (which wasn’t a whole lot during the later war years).

But I remember one Christmas when my older sister gave me one of those Marbles cartridges and a whole box of 32 Short Colt ammuntion. Imagine my glee - a whole 50 rounds of factory ammunition to slay all of those imaginary lions and tigers, and a few tin cans.

I don’t know where she got the cartridges and I didn’t care. She knew very little about guns and shooting so the idea must have come from my dad or older brother. She’s still alive today and is still my favorite sister in all the world.


Found the list…
150 30 REM to 32 S.C.
151 30-30 to 32 S.C.
152 25-35 to 25 ACP
153 303 SAV to 32 S&W
154 303 SAV to 32 ACP
155 30-40 KRAG to 32 S&W
156 30-40 KRAG to 32 COLT NP
157 30-40 KRAG to 32 ACP
158 32 WIN SPL to 32 ACP
159 30-06 to 32 ACP
159A 30-03 to 32 ACP
161 22 SAV HP to 22 LR
162 30-03 and 06 to 32 S&W
163 25 REM to 25 ACP
164 32 REM to 32 ACP
165 303 BRIT to 32 S&W
166 303 BRIT to 32 ACP
167 35 REM to 380 ACP
168 35 WCF to 380 ACP
169 8mm MAUSER to 32 S&W
170 250 SAV to 25 ACP
171 250 SAV to 25 STEVENS
172 300 SAV to 32 ACP
173 6.5mm MS to 25 ACP
174 220 SWIFT to 22 LR

Many of these, according to the list, are marked differently depending upon when made, etc.

Thanks, all. You guys are great. I have the information myself, but thought it might be of interest to others who don’t, I am having big-time computer problems right now. About all I can do is write emails and make Forum postings. That’s why I had to ask others to do what I normally could have done (not by myself - only with the help of my great and illustrious Forum partner, Joe Jones!!!).

Thanks for the info guys. I do not have this item, I am just helping someone to ID it.


Just found out that this one is marked with a number “173”, making it a .25 ACP to 6.5 Mannlicher-Shoenauer right?



Yep. That’s a good one, not seen too often.

OK, tell the guy I’ll triple the price. $3 and I’ll pay p[ostage. :) :)


I appreciate the list also. Just identified two that have managed to sneak their way into my accumulated stuff as:

162 .30.06 adapted to .32 S&W

  • 170 .250-3000 Savage adapted to .25 Auto

Any personal experiences using these devices? It sounds like a neat idea…



See my post above. They work as intended but are now an outdated gizmo who’s time has come and gone, IMHO. But there are still shooters who use them, especially the more modern versions. (By that I mean the modern gizmos, not the modern shooters)