Id two shot gun shells

Any information about or help on the makers and country of origin of these?
Thanks in advance.

The ERKA is very light, perhaps a no-shot dummy or a launcher of some sort? It has a low brass case & medium green paper body.

The Vinatorul has another asterisk to the left of the “1959” (found at 6:00) & the HS is light in that portion of the brass-washed steel head.
Vinatorul%20HS Vinatoruf%201959%20TW

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I have no idea on the Erka.
Vinatorul is Romanian case.
1959 is the year of production, and several other years can be found also.

Nice cases!

Regards rené

Excellent Pete!

René, do you have more images of those other Romanian ones?

Nice Pete, I have seen odd ones of these (Vinatorul), never kept any, with dates up to the mid 1960’s I recall, may have been a bit after that.

ERKA has “chargement” ( French or Belgian, Luxembourg)so that cuts down the possibilities. Some other nations did use French ( Russia, Egypt, Turkey, )
on pre WWI commercial ammo ( educated classes used French).
Doc AV

Sorry no Alex.

Thanks gentlemen.

What the ERKA shell actually is, is a big question to my mind.

12%20ERKA%20NoV%2C%20bs 12%20ERKA%20NoV%20top 12%20ERKA%20NoV
I’ve got also two unknown ERKA’s

I see yours are No V and are handloaded. Very interesting.

Here are my dated ones.

And another year.

IMG_20190613_074330 IMG_20190613_074354 IMG_20190613_074249

Regards René

Nice shell, good on ya!