Id type and model 9 mm Luger green tip


Hello, I can not find information about this round 9x19 Parabellum.

What model or type is.





This round was made by Hi-Vel Inc. I have the identical round and the box in my collection.

I also have two that are similar. Both have a lead bullet like yours with a green tip, but your tip color is a darker green. Neither of these two have a primer seal. One is headstamped “MIDWAY 9mm LUGER” and the other “9MM TZZ 85”. Both were also made by Hi-Vel. This company used whatever cases were available and the headstamps are meaningless. It is interesting that these are 158gr bullet. That is significantly heavier than many 9x19mm subsonic loads.



Lew, thank you very much for your help.