ID Unknown 7.65 Browning

Looking for an ID.
This round comes from a 2-flap box of 24-rounds with a cardboard divider. The box has no marking and is rather flimsy fibrous cardboard.

82 at 12 o’clcok, 7.65 at 6 o’clock.



That should be Romania.

I am assuming 82 is a year of production or is it a factory code?

Chris, the “82” is the year and the factory code was not used as with other Romanian cartridges of this time.
Have also one with year, code (22) and caliber. Hs is “22 76 7,65”

There are other Romanian 7.65s with 23 at the top and the date (xx) at the bottom.

Jon, could that 23 code be Hungarian?

They came out of the same type boxes as the ones Chris showed. Anything is possible, but I have always ID’d them as Romanian. Perhaps Herr Moss will add an opinion.

I’m looking forward to Herr Moss’s opinion.

Meanwhile here an image of the Romanian boxes as I met them:
(hs inside “81 7,65”)

Firstly, I am flattered that anyone awaits my opinion on this subject. Thank you. I concur that the cartridges with “22” on them, and that those discussed with no factory designator on the headstamp, are Romanian. However, those marked “23” as the factory desginator are NOT Romanian, but rather Hungarian. I have four variants in my collection, all from Hungary:

23 84: CNCS FMJ RN bullet, red case mouth seal, red primer seal
23 87: GM FMJ RN bullet, red case mouth seal, red primer seal
23 90: GM FMJ RN bullet, red case mouth seal, red primer seal, brass primer
23 90: GM FMJ RN Bullet, red case mouth seal, red primer seal, copper primer

On the first two cartridges the red primer deal covers the entire primer. On the second two cartridges, from 1990, it is only around the edge of the primer and primer pocket.

Judging from the cartridge characteristics, “23” is the same as MFS (Matrafem Sirok).

I hope this is of some assistance and interest.

John Moss

I guess I’ll go check my logs. I either ID’d them wrong or remembered incorrectly.

Jon - the ID of “23” on thse rounds is positive. I have the box for the 1990 dated round. It is not an exciting box - plain white with black print, but it does identify these as a product of MFS, which I had forgotten until I just checked the box a minute ago. I knew the country of origin was shown. Odd that with a coded headstamp they have “MFS” right on the box. Well, the cartridge characteristics alone identified them as their product anyway.

I’m just an idiot, I ID’d them in my log-book as Hungarian.