Id Unknown N°4

Hi everyone,
Here’s N°4.
Inside neck dia: 7.45mm - .294"
Neck dia: 8.25mm - .325"
Base dia: 10.65mm - .419"
Rim dia: 12.50mm - .492"
Case L: 46.70mm - 1.838"

Pascal, this one doesn’t match any sporting rifle cartridge listed in company catalogs that I am aware of.

The case matches the dimensions of a 8.15x46R (probably an early un-normalised case having that 12.5mm rim diameter) necked to c7mm. It is also an unusual shape, much more conical than most “B” Target rifle variations, more like the smaller cased Tesching types (eg 7x40R Z Tesching - T67).

Probably an early European ‘wildcat’ and I will refer to it as a 7x46.5R Unknown Wildcat unless a better suggestion is made.

Thanks WBD,
i will file it as 7.5x46.5R Unknown Wildcat.