Id Unknown N°6


And N°6;
Bullet dia: 5.69mm - .224"
Neck dia: 6.51mm - .256"
Neck L: 7.75mm - .305"
Shoulder dia: 9.73mm -.383"
Base dia: 11.80mm - .464"
Rim dia: 11.90mm - .468"
Case L: 63.04mm - 2.482"
Some sort of .22/30-06???


IMHO, it’s someone’s wildcat. Name unknown.



Thank you Ray for the reply, i think most of these i am putting on the forum are homemade reformed specs. If you don’t know this one i am confident it will remain ‘unknown’.



There is a very similar wildcat to yours loaded with a .228" bullet. Could your bullet actually be .228" nside the neck?




Just pulled the bullet ; .225"
Does the one you refer to has a ‘name’ ?



It’s called the .228 R&M. Also called the .228/06 and the .228/270 depending on the parent case.

Many of the old “.228” bullets actually measured less. I have a box of Sisk .228 Ackley Magnum bullets that measure .226". The old 22 Savage Hi Power bullets were supposed to measure .228" but I have a box of them that also measure .226". Most of the wildcat bullets from the 1930s to 1950s were hand made using hand made dies, so a bullet measuring .225" would not be unusual.

But, all of this is pure speculation. That’s what makes wildcat cartridges interesting.



Very interresting,thanks Ray,goes definitely in my notes.