Id Unknown N°8

This one has several small neck cracks.
Case is marked 6.2x50R Versuch GR398.

Inside neck dia: 6.17mm - .243"
Neck dia: 7.03mm - .277"
Neck L: 7.00mm - .275"
Shoulder dia: 9.50mm - .374"
Shoulder L: 38.00mm - 1.496"
Base dia: 11.20mm - .441"
Rim dia: 13.14mm - .517"
Case L: 49.33mm - 1.942"


#398 , in the George Roth list, is listed as “6,2 x 50R military experimental”

This one match the dimensions of the George Roth No. 368 case, not the 398 (both are designated 6 x 50 R).

Yes Fede, dimensions are closer to GR398 only Rim diameter is somewhat off. In ECRA database rim dia is 12.80mm while my spec is 13.14mm.

Correction, i meant cloder to GR368 offcourse.