ID various rimfire cartridges

Hello, I have found various rimfire cartridges metal detecting. I am familiar with the standard 22 LR but not so much with any of the other ones I have found.

As a key for. Reference each square is 5mm, and number 3 in the photo is a standard .22.

I know the calibers of each shell as I have measured but I was just wondering if there is anything special about any of them as well as the proper and common names these cartridges are called.

They are all rimfire.

All information or ID is much appreciated, cheers Hamish.

I’m not well versed in old rim fire cartridges but number 9 is a .22 “acorn” blank used in starting pistols for track events and such. it does not appear to be fired as from my experience the crimp opens when fired.

Hello gfontaine, cheers for the identification. At this point in time I have found 5 of these .22 acorn. I believe they have all been fired as there is a strike mark on each one, however they have all opened up to different widths or in different ways.

Cheers Hamish

Does number 2 have a headstamp? It looks like a .22 Winchester automatic or Remington automatic to me.

Hello jack,
Yes number 2 has a headstamp it is “H” which I believe is Remington(?), but I’m not too sure.
However it is wider than a .22 caliber, .25 to be exact.

Cheers Hamish

It would help to have exact rim and head measurements, but it looks to me to be .22 Winchester auto at this point. The H stamp indicates Winchester manufacture and they did not produce the .22 Remington auto cartridge.These two auto rounds are fatter than the .22 long rifle because they contain the major bullet diameter within the case whereas the long rifle, long, and short have heeled bullets with full diameter forward of the case mouth and a reduced ‘heel’ within the case. Body diameter of the .22 Winchester auto is .250 in, rim diameter about .305. Jack