ID wanted on Mystery Rifle Round

Hope someone can help ID this round, the details are, Copper, Necked ,Rimmed Case, Flat Ruben type Primer, no headstamp, Bullet 11.05mm (43.4) Case Length 49.42mm (1.94) Rim 15.95mm (.624) Head 14.74mm (.580) and OL 65.01 ( 2.56) see photos



Looks like a 11 mm Beaumont or Egyptian round.

I have an Egyptian round with a very similar primer

Hi Pivi, thanks for your reply and photo, that sure looks like my round, do you have any more info on the primer used in in them, Randy

Randy, can you confirm the rim diameter? It’s too small for a 11 mm Beaumont or .43 Egyptian Remington, even considering a lot of variation from measured specimens.

There is a very similar unknown round that is usually considered a .43 Egyptian Remington variation but it may not. It has a 49 mm brass case with flat base, 16.2 mm (.636") rim, copper primer flush with the base and no headstamp. There are many unidentified 11 mm/.43 rounds floating around.

On my sample rim diameter is 16,48 mm.

Fede is right, the rim of your sample looks a bit small for an Egyptian round

Don’t have any clue about the primer. My sample has been found in France

I’m pretty sure Pivi’s cartridge has a Farrington primer, unique to the United States Cartridge Co., and thus a likely .43 Egyptian. USC made that caliber during the period they used the Farrington primer (1872-1882 or so). Likewise, in that same period, they did not offer the Beaumont, as far as I know. The Farrington primer typically has a slightly concave face, very sharply-defined outer edges and, in some cases, a slight “blistering” around the annulus. Randy’s cartridge is a problem not only on the basis of its small rim diameter but also because the primer appears to be brass, whereas the Farringtons are conventionally of copper. My specimen of what I believe to be a USC .43 Egyptian has a rim diameter of .654 (16.6 m/m). Jack

OK I have checked the Rim diameter and can confirm it is 15.95, my choice out of (15.91 to 15.96, 15.95 twice.) an interesting point is the case looks copper , reddish brown colour, however in the photo it sure looks brass, as to the primer it is very flat and I am sure its copper, and mine as jack says, has a very defined outer edge, thanks Randy