"Idaho Ordnance Factory" brand ammo

I came across “Idaho Ordnance Factory” brand ammo today, and they have at least one custom headstamp - in 9mm. Apparently the name “Idaho Ordnance” was already taken, and so this outfit in Dalton Gardens Idaho adds the word Factory to have a separate brand. I came across them because they are one of a growing number of smaller manufacturers using the Maker Bullet P-REX and T-REX solid copper hollow points.

The 9mm headstamp is IOF 9mm LUGER which I only saw in a video dated Oct 29th of this year. In the screen-grab image below the headstamp on the left looks like “IGF”, but you can see that it is IOF on the one on the right, which makes sense for their brand name. The best price online (and only retailer of it other than IOF direct) is Axis mfg, who list the 9mm P-REX 20rd box for $20.00. They are a new company anyway, begun in 2017 as far as I can tell. Hopefully they do a .300 Blackout headstamp!

I also just noticed that on their factory website there was an image of a “BLACKSTONE 9mm LUGER” headstamp with regard to brass cases they sell. I would wager that the IOF headstamp is also by Blackstone then since they are a fairly obscure producer. Blackstone was making a lot of the Sig branded cases in recent years.

DK - you realize, I hope, that you are making 9 mm collectors go crazier than they are by nature, even, with your great research into all these new headstamps. I had never even heard of a brass-maker “Blackstone” before.

Merry Xmas.


One of their videos shows them making cases and they are headstamped Blackstone. Some connection or contract for sure. And yes IOF is their correct headstamp.