Idendifying a amour piercing projectile!


<img Hi all,
Hoping you can assist with ID of a fired projectile, most likely had a sabot fitted as their is no drive band
but that could have been removed . Appears to be solid steel with a hollow section [ centre rear ] that was possibly for a trace component !
Had to rejoin as it was the only way I could log in and only allowed I image per page so see dimensions next page please Terry


Terry, could you show us a photo of the whole item in question?


Click on the picture and it will expand to a full picture if you click on the arrows !
I was given this by a collector of firearms who picked it up in his travels and he had no idea what it was other than a projectile ! There are dimensions in a second post !Terry.
The distortion at the front of the pill is possibly from impact then a section is parallel then it flares out again !!


Looks to be the penetrator section from an APDS (Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot) projectile. From the dimensions you have posted earlier it should be able to be iD. What is the weight please? (this will tell if it is a prac or tungsten filled).
Regards Ozzi.


Terry, sorry I missed that.
Yes, I agree with Ozzi. It is a TP subcaliber unit of a TPDS projectile. No AP here.


Hi Ozzi ,
It weighs 2.2 kilo’s and thanks for the ID.


G-Day Terry1,
My knowledge doesn’t go that deeply into these but someone will know on the forum. I can ID the basic item but don’t know the intricate details.
Glad to be of some assistance.
Regards Ozzi.


Like the others said they are correct, looks like the projectile for a 20pdr APDS


Spaceinvader !


As it is all seamless (solid) steel it is likely less of an APDS here as this looks more like a practice load making it a TPDS-T.

Actually it would be good to see the base of this proj.


It has a very fine knurling on the chamfered or radius edge ! Weight 2.2 kilograms and the top half has a rippled effect caused by impact. Terry.


Thanks for the additional image.
The 20pdrs I know of had protruding tracer housings. This one here could be of a different caliber then.


It could also be that the tracer unit has been broken and shoved up into the projectile possibly by impact as it doesn’t look flush with the base and is at an angle. Or could be another type of 20pdr. I have seen 2 different types of 20pdr APDS rounds and both had different sabots, but the same shape projectile.


I doubt the tracer housing can be pushed into the proj. body the way we see it here (and if so how? - this is the back of the projectile) . It must be an intended design.