Identification cetme

Received today a cetme cartridge that I never seen before.
Can anyone id this cartridge? It`s the cartridge on the right.Headstamp FNP 7.92-952 the case has a knurled ring around the case.


Firstly, your blank doesn’t have anything to do with CETME in Spain. While made on a fired Spanish 7.9 x 57mm case made by F

Thanks for your replay.
You mention that my round was made by Huck.
Would you say that my round is 7.9x57 platzpatrone?
The case lenght is around 51mm and neck diameter is 8.45 mm to small for a 7.9x57


451 - it could well be a 7.62 x 51. It is difficult to tell from the picture. I am surprised that a 7.62 x 51, even one made from fired brass, would be made from a 7.9 x 57mm case, but of course it could be. they made several versions of this round at Huck, in caliber 7.62 x 51mm as I mentioned. Once again, it is sometimes difficult to tell from a picture which case-type it is, unless a known round of the suspected case type is included in the photo for comparison.

Regardless, it is Platzpatrone as I mentioned in my first answer, and is not part of any series of rounds from CETME, but rather a Huck blank.

I have two variations of the blank both in 7.62 x51. HS is (+) FN 56. One has a neck crimp, the other has no evidence of this crimp.
With regard reforming cases to 7.62 x51, I have a blank with a red wooden bullet HS FNP 7.92 - 952 in my collection.

Dave S