Identification color 23x115

i have a 23x115 cartridge (is it inert) with strange color on the shell
the shell has dark violet color
many 23mm shells i saw have black oxyd finish

ammogun, the image is way too small

you can see the same cartridge at this adress
tony william website … 3-28mm.htm

There are also 30mm NR-30 OFZ shells with A-30U fuze showing the same finishing


the projectile type of modern Russian cannon shells is identified by the tip colour of the fuze. The basic body colour has no meaning and probably is only a decorative thing. This translucent magenta colour varnish is only applied by shells produced by Pribor, Moscow (arrow symbol as manufacturer code). The same type of shells with a standard (non-varnished) grey phosphate finish is produced by Pozis, Zelenodolsk (No. 184 as manufacturer code).

I have seen a 30mm NR-30 shell with translucent magenta colour varnish as a live shell, as well as a target practice shell with olive drab dummy fuze plug.


I have a 30x165 dummy shell with a projectile made by Pribor with the arrow stamp on it. This projectile has the grey phosphated finish. Is this something unusual?