Identification dutch 20x102 experimental round (AP-T ?)

This weekend I found this nice but strange 20x102 round on the Dutch NVBMB/ECRA fair.

It was labeled Dutch Experimental (confirmed by a Dutch fellow member) but we both don’t know exactly what it’s purpose was…My guess (but just a guess) is a prototype AP-T round…

The windshield/cap is made from aluminum, the base is steel, with brass DB and tracer cavity.
The ‘penetrator’ (or whatever it might be) is made from steel or Tungsten

Our Dutch fellow collector DJH made a cutaway of a similar round (Derk, I did borrow your cutaway-picture) on which I added the dimensions from my example.

Does anybody know something, or has documentation on this round?
I think the ECRA number (20102 BGE 030) on the label points to the ECRA-ECDV database, but I don’t have that to check it… Can someone who has ECDV check this please ?


Hi Geert,

Yes, I can confirm that this ECDV number matches the round you have illustrated.

There is a reference to ECRA bulletin 440/23 by A.J. de Jong (NL) if that helps…


Hi Paul,

Thanks for looking it up in ECDV.

Unfortunately, the (digital) versions of ‘The Cartridge Researcher’ i have available are staring from nr 477 (jan2005)…