Identification Help - 1937 7.92x57 ammunition

I purchased a 2000rd case of 8mm Mauser ammunition at a auction a while back. Unfortunately, the top of the case was missing and the only label on the case is an old one from Springfield Sporters, which doesn’t say anything about where the ammunition comes from. The case contains twenty 100 rd boxes. The headstamps simple say “7,9” and “1937” with no other markings. I’ve done a lot of research and had thought that I’d narrowed these do to FN produced cartridges but someone has now called that into question. Any thoughts or confirmation as to who produced this ammunition would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Good evening from Europe, an1913t and welcome to this Forum.
This is a so called sterile headstamp. It was a delivery to some of the belligerents during the Spanish Civil War between 1936-1939. We do not know who made these cartridges as a lot of deliveries were obscured during this war. FN? Who knows…
This ammunition seems to be repacked. It seems in mint condition and certainly would fit in my collection.
Be careful when you want to use it as it might be corrosive.

Is the bullet magnetic?

The “7,9” would point to a country using the original caliber designation and having a language where a comma is used instead of a decimal point: Germany, Austria and the Netherlands come to mind as possible sources. On the other hand, this headstamp could be a disguise to create exactly that impression. The cupronickel color is in my opinion a little odd for a pre-WW2 7.9 mm. (Therefore my question regarding being magnetic: steel jacket or not.)

The cartons labelled “7.92” show the Czechoslovak designation for this caliber, which was used by Spain.

This was a Hirtneberger of Austria product made for Spain.

JPeelen, I checked. The bullets are magnetic.

Thank you. A steel jacket makes Belgian or UK origin not impossible but less probable. That would leave the mentioned origin of Austria, Germany or the Netherlands. Taking into account cartridgecorner’s message, I think the odds are in favour of Austria.

Curtis is correct, it was made by Hirtenberger for Spain.



Spain in 1937 is rather vague as I suggested earlier. Do we know the destination? Republicans or Nationalists?

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I vote Nationalists (a guess).

It is amazing that Hirtenberg made such a bad quality bunter for this head stamp

Dutch - maybe purposefully, to further hide the point of manufacture? Many suppliers to the Spanish Civil War made subterfuge headstamps for the ammo they supplied. While decently struck, the Greek 7.9 headstamp made for the same purposes was very non-typical Greek.

Just a guess.


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