Identification Help 7.5x54 Blue Tip

Am I correct on the caliber even? What exactly are these? For anyone that may be having trouble reading the headstamp, it’s “VE BA” on one axis, and “1 40” turned 90°.

Did you check the case length? Is it maybe 54mm?

You are correct. 54mm

Ok, then you need to look at the French 7.5x54 MAS. Your’s here is clearly French made in 1940 (Valence arsenal if I am not mistaken).
As for the blue tip we shall wait for the experts.

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Awesome! Thank you. I will change the title accordingly.

mine in drawer has written on it

VE D 1 40

Incendiaire Mle 1935I

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Here are the internals:



Paul, excellent cutaway!

Is the front section just filled with WP?

Thank you very much all!

Hi, hier one draw about

Bsrg, Dan


Hi, curious mount on clip x 5, usually this cartridge is for aircraft use only …

maybe someone found boxes of these and fit these on charger for “better presentacion”


I agree with this. These were found in a box lot of lots of other cartridges and brass at a pawn shop. He bought the while lot at a yard sale.

the fact that these cartridges shown are from 1-40, and the clips they are on are also 1-40,
both from “VE” would indicate to me that the rounds are original to the clips. That said, I am out of my specialty here and could be all wrong. I simply wanted to point that out.

John Moss

Sorry, but other fabrications VE exists with case VE BA 1 40 & 2 40 in Ordinary with Ball M 1924 C ( Color red primer & ball sert). So only the package for incendiary can indicate is right to found it’s on clip …
I thinks it’s clip from ammunition for Mas 36 Rifle.
I have not in my collection because i no collecting modern CTG.
On friend in France has theses CTG on his list for sale/ exchange ( value 1€). So, i no bought one just for make photo .
i have send caption in private.
Bsrg, Dan

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My point was that after 80 years have passed since this ammunition and its clips were made, it is hard to imagine that they have been mated-up in date, the clips the same as the cartridges, especially since there is more than one of the cartridge/clip combinations in the picture.

I fully agree with you that the only definitive identification for the combination could come from package labeling known to be original to the cartridges and clips. However, in the absence of that, assumptions based on probabilities can lead to further investigation.

As I mentioned, I could be wrong. The mating could be entirely coincidental (not likely though) or the result of a collector mating them with clips he was able to find having the same date.

Just my thoughts on the matter. Again, the lack of documentation makes any reason for the mating of the clips to the cartridge by date as speculative theories.

John Moss

We never see box of the Incendiary for aircraft MG, belt or Drum magazine . Other aircrafts ammos ( short range, aluminium core etc ;…) where in box by 15 unity "cloisonnés " ( in french), ammos in chargers 3 is generally for rifle. It’s allways possible to firing incendiary in rifle, but it’s expansive for poor results in shot by shot, i don’t know if dammage was possible for the barell of the rifle. Sure the ballistic is different .
So circa years 80’s, found incendiary CTG in france was easy, so never fund in package … when i collecting theses ammos, me too i have mount clips 5 CTG on clip for the fun and when you have 5 CTG for exchange when often other collectors want just one, it’s good for buisness :-). Incend is no current in aircraft crashs from ww2 …
Bsrg, Dan

I think they’re pretty cool, regardless of whether they’re original to each other. They’ve been together for quite a while. I know the guy I bought them from didn’t do it, and I’m pretty sure the person who’s yard sale he got them from didn’t do it.

The optimist in me wants to believe that if they were put together it was done by a GI coming home after WWII. Who knows…

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Is there an expert that can chime in on French belt loading machines? Did any feed the belts from five round clips?

On another line of thought, would incendiary ammo ever be issued for use with the FM 24/29? I know the FM 24/29 box magazine had a stripper clip guide to facilitate loading.

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Hi, yes we have system too with drum loading machine …
#04 MAC31 MAC-19
Bsrg, Dan