Identification help please :)

Hi I was wondering if anybody could help me I’d these shells please IMG_20181119_210742 ![15426264006205281557227292585096|690x920]

We are not fortune tellers. Many collectors send a picture like you have but how can we say anything other than it is British. You must supply a rim diameter, case length and an internal mouth diameter to get a reply.

Fair call lol I thought the markings would tell ill measure them and post a pic of the other as well

That primer is a cut-off extended primer or a plug? used by the navy so it could be a 12pr 12cwt, or 4" navy or a 4.7" or a 6" case?? Early UK cases did not put the calibre on the headstamp.
Your dimensions or a side view should identify your case. Ron.

The British 6" (152x404R) has mouth cut-outs so I say your case has been shortened.
The rim diameter is 195mm which you did not supply.
I leave this to the experts .

It would only let me send a few messages at a time other wise I would have, Here is the other one Uploading: IMG_20181119_232402.jpg…IMG_20181119_232336

Rim diameter 15426372759953824767146630536991

Japanese 12cm?? Please give us the length , rim and mouth diameters rather than tape measure photos. Sorry but you make it hard to identify your items.
Showa 1/18 is January 1943.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the set of photos of your unknown case. Because of possible distortion due to the camera lens and angle at which a photo is taken of the tape measure it may help if you read the number on the tape and post that here on the Forum.

Hopefully then we can track down the identity of your case.