Identification help please

Can someone please help me identify these? They are stamped L C 5 1. I found them on the beach.

Thank you!

These are US M82 blanks for the M60 machine gun. LC stands for Lake City (US ammunition plant manufacturer) and 51 is the year. Are you sure it isn’t 57?

When fitted with a special Blank Firing Adapter (BFA), the M60 would fire, cycle, and feed these blanks for training purposes. Belts of blanks typically came in 100 round lengths.

Thank you. It looks like a 1 to me. I’m sending another photo. These are not dangerous are they?

That is 15, as in 2015. These cases looked MUCH too good to be on a beach since the 1950s {grin}. These were most likely used in the M60’s replacement, one of the M-240 series of medium machineguns.

Thanks for helping! An odd thing to find on the beach! :)

What beach? What country? US Military forces practice beach assaults all the time, in the USA and with allies on other shores. Or, some soldier may have saved these few rounds from a training exercise, and later decided to ditch them. In any case, they are relatively SAFE and a cool beach find!

So that explains it more! I live in Fernandina Beach, FL. Thanks for letting me know that they are safe. :)

You live REAL close to several US Navy Bases - and not far from several Joint Training areas and Army Bases. Cool find - enjoy!

Could NOT be the 1950s as the first M82 blanks were opennecked and wadded, likethe previous M1909 cal. 30.
When they found after many years that these wadded blanks lost their wads AND powder from vehicle vibration etc, they copied
European practice and star crimped the cases (1990’s???)
Doc AV

Thank you, but RangerJoe identified them immediately! He said that they were cool, so I put them on top of what I believe to be a piece of whale bone. I like it! :)

Bone or coal?

Lol! That weighs over a pound and a half so I’m figuring bone. This is coal.

The reason I mentioned coal is I find a lot of large chunks of coal on Carolina and FL beaches after storms. They are from steam ship wrecks. The locals on the outer banks of NC used to pick it up for heating fuel. Hard to tell from the picture but I thought it may have been coal.

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Is this maybe petrified material?

Hi Sportclay, I have heard that too! I think it’s so neat to think about the history of where it came from. I have never found a large chunk though (that pic was the largest I found). What do you do with the ones that you find? I think that they are cool and I bet that the big chunks have some artistic characteristics that can have a place. I’ve also found some larger pieces of what I think are bone (they have the pores in them, and the one that I showed a pic of is small and weighs a lot for it’s size).

EOD, petrified something…I thought bone, but I could be wrong. Coal is so light though? Can coal petrify? I guess it probably can, but would it be dense?

On another note, I’m going to dispose of the blanks that I found,…just not worth the potential hazard of having them around. I’m checking soon to see where I can take them for safe disposal (my Dad gave me some ideas) :).

Thanks to you that I’ve been communicating with…I’ve learned a lot. I’m not too bad at being able to identify quite a variety of seashells, shark teeth, fossils, beach combing finds, and even some birds. Ammunition, nope.

Kind regards!

As for what is petrifyinig how you may need to ask some expert.
It was just my initial thought when I read “whale bone”.

Not very cartridge related but…Coal whether it is bituminous(soft) or anthracite (hard) weathers or abrades in the surf. Storms continue to bring up coal from ships sunk over a hundred years ago. The piece in question looks like coal from what I can see. Whale bone deteriorates and when beached bleaches white/grey. Don’t let US Fish and Wildlife catch you picking sea mammal parts off the beach. I found a vertebrae 6 years ago on Frisco beach on Hatteras Island and put it in the back of my truck. Got stopped by the fish cops for license check and got the whale bone confiscated.

Just a note: The blanks are not hazardous, unless you unlink and fire them in a rifle pointed at someone…
I have had blanks- and loaded ammunition- lying around for over 40 years with no problems, and have thousands of rounds in my house.

Thank you. I just have a young boy and kids around sometimes. What if…I think. I’m a better safe than sorry kinda gal. If you want to take them off my hands and feel like they are safe to ship, I’ll bubble wrap them, put them in a box, and send them to you.

This ammo is harmless but you have THIS on your beach, don’t touh it even though it looks pretty.