Identification help please

My son who is 4 is obsessed with world war 2 memorabilia. He got given this by a neighbour. I’ve spent 3 hours trying to clean them up, to help Ilya work out where they’re from etc

The top marking says 12 Pr 12 CWT I have another one but only post one picture.

The third picture has a base so no real markings and I can only add one photo so once we’ve identified this one I’ll be asking for any ideas on that one.

Welcome to the forum.
The British 12Pr 12 Cwt was used by the Navy and land services from 1894 to end of WW2.
Your case is made by RL (Royal Laboratories) in 1940.
The case usually has 3 sets of cut-outs at the mouth to hold a wad and an extended primer that used a hand case extractor to remove the fired case.

Just type in 12Pr 12 Cwt into Google and lots of information is available to you.

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