Identification help

I have these two ammo, one of which is fired.
Who would have information because unknown to me.
Here are the dimenssions.

Hi Patrick,

These are called Schreinecker rounds. They exist in many variations of calibers, case materials and case material combinations. Hans Ludwig Schreinecke worked at FN and developed many interesting types of ammunition.

I have never seen an example like your fired case with this primer arrangement, so I am very interested to learn about it.


I think the the name is Schirnecker (pronounced sheer-neck-er).
He basically worked as an independent inventor, for example also designing the first MEN Quick Defence 9 mm deformation bullet for German police.

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Thanks Jochem,

That is how I meant to spell his name, but at 0500 hrs, I didn’t notice my mistake.


Jochem, was Schirnecker working for FN at some point?

I have no details about his professional life. His name just pops up here and there, without giving an indication of a permanent connection to a manufacturer.

Patents usually give a hint on who was working where when they do name the assignee.
Maybe somebody has looked into this?

What I’ve heard and understand was the relationship between FN & Schirnecker was: that he rented or was given space on or close to the FN factory to conduct his research.

I have to state I’ve seen no proof of the above, but what I remember Bill Woodin or perhaps Graham Irving comment on.

Yes i know a lot of "or"s but the best I can do. I agree with Alex it would be nice if someone could pin this down.

Thank you for your answers.
Ordinary ammunition because it does not fit in my collection theme?

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Max, I am late on this one. Sorry!
So this was not really an FN issue.
Did FN maybe only produce the components and facilitate testing?