Identification Help

Hello there, I recently obtained a full box of

Penguin Associates INC
Muzzle Dispersion
Tear Gas Cartridges

All 5 in box and unfired

Is this something a collector would be searching for or is it just a cool knick knacks?

Could you show us the cartridges maybe?

Thanks, maybe a side view too?

Seems fumes of the filler are protruding through the primer cup (or better hole) and are causing oxidation.

The shells are just green, no print on side. Box says the gas is only good for two years so I doubt it caused corrosion. It seems the box may have gotten damp and caused corrosion on primers.

Some information from a 1965 catalog:



The box label and cartridges are definitely collectable. While illegal in my State, even for collections, without a special license beyond the legal requirements of possessing Mace and other civilian irritant devices (which originally required a permit like a CCW to even possess, but now, amazing for California, that requirement was dropped years ago), in states where they are unrestricted, there are collectors who specialize in “special loadings” like this, including the packaging for them.

They are long past the useful “tactical” life.

John Moss