Identification needed

One is a empty 577 case but only with the stamp 577 NOT 577-450 what was this case intended for??
also the case is longer than a normal one.
The second has a stamp that has no meaning to me what is Bell stand for?? and577 Base N.E.??
What gun was this cartridge used for??


Sherryl; B.E.L.L. is for Brass Extrusion Laboratories, Ltd., founded by Jim Bell. Jim mainly used surplus U.S. military machines to manufacture obsolete British cartridge cases, some of which had a common base that could be formed into different specific cartridge cases. Jim’s plant was in the Chicago suburb of Bensenville, and Jim enjoyed welcoming groups of cartridge collectors attending the annual Chicagoland International Cartridge Show (CICS) to his plant.

Mel thanks for the info meant to ask about that one for years since I have a few more with that
funny stamp and been wondering for years about the meaning,of Bell but that is the best about
this Forum learning from each other.

Sherryl, the Kynoch case is a .577/.450 Greener used for multi and single ball loadings.



Thanks Fede