Identification of old shell case

Can anyone help identify this shell case grandad made into a lamp?

The shell base has the numbers and lettrs

15 DEC
D.130L .15.D

3.5" X 7 inches approx

Nobody can. Please deliver a good picture of the lamp and try to give the dimensions of the case. Also a picture of the headstamp (on the bottom of the case) is very useful.
It seems you are here for the first time. So welcome to this Forum. Please read the instructions for posting a picture, it isn’t that difficult. As a “newbie” you only can post one picture in a time.

Thank you…

The numbers stamped on base are

75 De C

We think it maybe WW1?

The small bullet shells on side have numbers fc 4.14

Sounds like a French made 75mm field gun case made in 1914 but you better show us the images Derk asked for.

I do agree with Alex but it seems your lamp consists of three cases? The 75 DEC is almost for sure a French 75 mm of World War I. The two small ones could be 37 mm cases of a so called “pompomgun” as shown. But we speculate.