Identification of -something-

Bought this one (blindfolded) last week. No headstamp, no dimensions, no primer, not (yet) in possesion…nothing but this picture.
Any ideas?


My first thought:

But I am wrong, because it has a rebated rim, and non belted.
That round would be something to have, though

Dugjans’ round is not related to your’s.
The one above is a 30x113B DEFA/ADEN and your’s is a 30x92RR MK108.

Yep, I know that.

Alex, do you think the projectile belongs to this case? I am not familiar with all varieties of DEFA/ADEN, but the projectile seems to have a different driving band than others I have seen. And isn’t there usually (but not in all cases) an annular crimp near the mouth of the case? Is this an earlier or experimental version?

Larry case and projectile are both correct. Now hard to tell if they belong together as per the manufacturer of if it is random components of this caliber stuffed together.

The case was never crimped here. The reason would require further inspection.

The projectile with this driving band is just a variant and we saw these from Manurhin (France), FN (Belgium), CBC (Brazil), Ammunition Factory Footscray (Australia) and some other manufacturers / countries.

Is it electric or percussion primed?


Old Pics



Alex, thanks. It seems there are many varieties I have not yet seen!

very few of 30x113 are percussion primed but they are experimental and recent
i don’t remember exactly but is for vehicle mounted gun
maybe i’m wrong

How about a 405 spotter

Sorry no, not even close these in question are 30 mm & a .405 Spotter is only about 10mm

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