Identification of WW2 Shell Casing


Can someone please help me learn more about this? I cannot find out anything about KTC or the Lot 3 3 W S either. I am very interested to learn more about where this came from. Please any and all information about this is welcome. I can post more pictures if needed. The casing is about a foot long.

Found on a beach in Charleston SC

Thank you

3IN MK5 case, made by KTC month 9 of 1943

Found more info

From this

This is what it is most likely for

Yes perfect. Thank you. Any insight onto what KTC was? I cannot find anything about it

maybe one of these

Keesler Training Center ( KTC ).

Could be this, but it seems they just made PPE during WW2

This “KTC” stand for Kramer Trenton Company, Trenton, New Jersey. Their main products were refrigeration coils, heaters, radiators, &c.



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