Identification of WWII Military Issue Artifact

Hi: I am a researcher for a museum and I have received an artifact that I would like some information, if someone is able to help me. [img] I just gave you the link i hope it works. These are the photos I took of the item. I was told it was a 2" practice mortar that you attach to a 303 Lee Enfield rifle. I was unable to find information about that specifically, however, I was able to find information on similar looking items called Rifle Grenades, but not that particular one. I do hope someone can help. Thanks

We also used those in the IDF into the 1980s. It is a parachute flare for a 52mm mortar. I don’t know the date or origin of yours, not shown clearly in the pics, but it is not a rifle grenade.

Thank you so much. The information printed on the front of the Mortar reads “LLG WITH PARACHUTE IFS MAR 43 LOT 262” and there is a piece of masking tape with the words “Mortar” A Short 2" Bomb. So can you exactly tell me how this was used? The gentleman told me you attach it to a 303 Lee Enfield Rifle and shoot it off.

Thanks again

I don’t believe they were used as a rifle grenade, but I am only familiar with how I used them.
Here is a pic of what we had. The little wheel at the bottom of the tube (left side) is a 3 sided firing mechanism. … r&offset=0

Some information here: … r-markings? … d-Drawings?

Its a paraflare mortar round, as mentioned. Its fired by dropping it into a mortar tube and firing it. It would then launch and a second charge (inside the casing) would ignite a small charge inside and fire out a flare element and parachute at height and would illuminate an area of about 500m and would burn for about 30 sec to a minute…

Here is a Youtube video