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Can someone tell me more about this flare? What caliber is it and in what weapon was it used?image image image

1.5" (37mm) signal flares, used on ships but especially
By RAF Bomber Command in WWII, for signalling by squadron leaders…a special port was fitted to the Perspex wind shields of Lancasters etc for locking in a stubby pistol framed discharger tube vertically. Flares were used when W/T was impractical or radio silence was imposed, espec. Over target. Also used at Allied airfields for signalling " begin takeoff sequence " or
“Clear to land”.
US aircraft also had a similar fitting.
Flare colours Red, Green, Yellow/White? For differing commands.

Doc AV

1 1/2" Red flare MkVT.
Loaded by T.W.Hand. Ontario & Quebec, Canada.
Fits the M2 and AN-M8 and all British 1 1/2" signal pistols.

Wow nice thank you for the reply! Wath is the value for that ? I had it in a lot

It depends on how badly you want the shell for your collection.
Hard to get over $20 for it. It is nice condition.