Identification please

I need your help in correctly identifying some cartidges.

The 445 SUPER MAG and the 44 AUTO MAG have a bullet that I don’t know and can’t find information about. Please provide information about this type of bullet.

In addition, I have a .45Colt with a gray “plastic” tip. I doubt whether this is a “Pow’Rball” or a “Glaser Silver”. Like also identification on this one

Thanks in advance,
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Those are Hornady 240 grain Crimp-Lock bullets, marketed for handgun silhouette shooters. Very accurate bullet.

Thanks IHMSA80x80 !! Mistery solved.

Is there anyone who can tell me how I can see the difference between a Pow’Rball and a Glaser Silver when they are no longer in the package?

Hi Richard,

It is a Glaser Silver 135 gr. I don’t think they made a Pow’RBall in .44 Mag., but I have to check that to be sure.

This Hornady 240 gr bullet used to have the same product code as the “Jacketed Truncated Cone Silhouette”, until it was redesigned and reintroduced as the “CrimpLock Silhouette” in 1993.



Hi Fede,

Thank you for the comprehensive answer.

Thanks, Richard