Identification request 4” US shell

Hello. First post for me. Thanks in advance. My best guess is this shell came from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Approx 4” diameter. 16” long.

Some info on 4 inch projectiles

Drawing for 4 inch Shell Cast Iron, Bureau of Ord. U.S. Navy,1889, WRA Co. from Cody Museum Digital Images (Technical Drawings).

4 inch projectile listing, US Navy 1923

US Navy Cartridge case circa 1898-

Wow! That is some specific information real quick. Thanks very much. I didn’t expect it to be from that era (that old). Do you know when the 4” guns were retired? Were they only naval guns?

I see that all the drawings are US Navy so I now assume the 4” guns were only on ships.

I don’t know enough on the subject to answer your question but you can look here:

Example of a 4 inch projectile in use during WW2:

USNBD U.S. Navy Projectiles and Fuzes, 1945


Thanks Brian. The measurements are consistent with the Mark VI and VII - almost 16” long and almost 3” base to band. (Same as the WWII shell the shape is wrong). Anyway. Thanks for your input. I will poke around some more and see if I need to post another more specific question