Identification request of dug 7.92x57 and 7.62x54R


found some bullet casings while metal detecting, but they dont have any headstamps on them, most of them are without stamp, found them near german trench where was possible soviet attack in Czech republic. Only one of many has a headstamp. Thank you so much.!

The rimmed steel case, with headstamp markings, is a Soviet 7.6254R fired case. Unfortunately I can’t read the markings. The other case is probably a 7.92x57 Mauser. Can you stand the two cases side-by-side, and also show the base of the brass case?

Do you mean like this?

The brass case with the β€œ51” is a 7.92x57 and it was made in 1951 in Czechoslovakia.

Could you reproduce the numbers from the headstamp of the rimmed case?

I believe it says 77, found them on the big pile next to the foxhole.

But they were really deep so I think it was WWII ammunition used by soviets when they were attacking the trenches possibly?

The β€œ51” is excluding this and when the other is saying β€œ77” at the 6h position it if from 1977.
Means no WW2 here.

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So Im guessing it is from some reenactment. Thank you for you help :slight_smile:

Maybe military exercises in the area?

On the second rimmed one showed number 17. and on the bottom is 77 so I dont know what to think about that. No it is area when soviets were pushing germans into Ostrava from both sides in Czech republic, this was from the west side from Ostrava city in the forest and there are still trenches from WWII remaining which is confirmed.

β€œ17” is Barnaul Cartridge Plant in Russia.

I assume we can exclude WW2 action in 1951 and 1977.
As said it must have been a later exercise in the area.

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No idea but the dates tell us something else.

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Hi I finally realized what is going on the headstamps, its not 77 but it is 44, i was reading upside down and there is bottom part missin and the number 7 in the 17 looks completely different, found also ppsh ammo next to it with 44 year printed into it.