Identification request


Found within an Ash tree from a forest in Latvia. Has been in the the tree from the 1940’s as discussed with Latvia forestry
Any ideas ?
I’ll get the callipers on it tomorrow

But it’s around 9mm diameter


8,2 mm( .323") the extra may be corrosion from tree sap.
Looks like a 7.9 SmE ( Spitze mit Eisernkern)
Introduced in 1943 to conserve Lead; lighter than the 7.9 sS ( schewere Spitzgeschoss) of the standard German 7.9 Ammo.
Large quantities used on Eastern Front.

Any cases found( steel mayhave rusted away)?

Same situation in Belgium…some tracts of forests are so heavily full of projectiles and steel shell fragments that the timber cannot be logged, as it will destroy sawmill blades.

Doc AV


Thanks Doc, which gun would have been used with this ammunition ?


Hello there Tiredeyes, welcome to this Forum.
German 7.9 mm was standard issue in the German army in WWII. It’s impossible to give an answer to your question: all kind of guns using the 7.9 cartridge. Rifles, machine-guns from Germany or occupied countries (so called Beutewaffe) using the 7.9 cartridge at that time…