Identification Request


I picked this up at an estate sale. I can see it’s 75mm and from the US. Anyone know what type of gun (artillery, tank, SP, etc.) and from what era?




What is the length of the training round?

Made of brass?

Any markings on the base?

If possible a good picture of the markings on the storage tube.




It’s a 75mm drill rd for practicing with the 75x350R guns on things like Sherman, Lee and Chaffee tanks, and various other places the common 75mm gun was used. It originates from the French model 1897 artillery piece. The most interesting place it was used would have to be the B-25H gunship variant of the Mitchell bomber which had twin .50 cals in the nose, and a 75mm light weight cannon. These practice rounds were used to “drill” loading & unloading for training, and the crews used to be timed on dealing with issues the guns might have, both in the day by sight, and in the dark while blind.

Great thanks. Any idea on what it’s worth?

Internet chatter seems to indicate that they range from $50 to $150 based on condition and markings.

I could not imagine what it felt like inside teh aircraft when the pilot touched this thing off…

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