Identification Request

Can anyone identify this? I believe it is 30.06 for m1917 rifle.
Thank you in advance.

jlamb6036, could you show the cartrideg fromn the side pelase?

If it is a .30-06 it will be for all weapons chambered in this caliber.

I can only upload 1 pic because I am a new user. I know it is a 30.06 I was wanting to know what the letter stamping on the bottom of the cartridge means. Thank you

Ah, ok!
Your’s was made by St. Louis Army Ammunition Plant (SLAAP).

Deleted by Author.

WOW! Thank you very much for your speedy reply

John, on the first view I got misslead too but it is 1953 here.

EOD is absolutely correct. On my screen, I misread the headstamp to be “L C 5 5.” I am deleting my original answer to avoid future confusion for anyone reading this thread. I may still be non-corrosive, by the way, if that is of any interest.

John Moss

Thank you