IS anyone out there have the dimensions for a 7.5mm Swiss Stahel round
maybe just maybe this round is to be found in Volume No 2 of Erlmeier
Brandt just a guess of mine.


Hi Sherryl.
Are you talking about the 7.5 Swiss Stahel rimfire round or the 7.5 Swiss Ordnance revolver? (page 86 volume 1 of EB).



I am talking about the rimfire round with the ST stamp in the bottom the bullet is PP. lead and I have 2 of those
one in a brass case the other in copper trying for years to find out what they are the price list in the journal
gives several possibilitis yet I could never make up my mind wich is wich.The cartridge is featured in one of
the journals Chris put it in there for me one year but never received a reply.I will see if I can find it tomorrow
to tell you wich.Issue.


Sherryl - there are no rimfires in Erlmeier-Brandt Volume II,
which is subtitled “Centerfire, American and British Calibers.”

John Moss


7.5 stahel is this the one you need measurements on?


SI SI Si yes this is the little sucker I cannot figure out,and thank you very much for posting this nice pic
I was about to cram this morning through my journals to find it but you did it for me thanks again
yes I need to know what that is the journal gives some specimen in 7.5mm in the price list but
I do not know wich one since I cannot compare it with anything.


Thank you John for that info if you should ever come across a n NO 2 Erlmeier on your
jouneys please let me know I will pay what it is worth


Dimensions of the round are:
Rim: 0.342 Base: 0.302 neck: 0.299 Overall case Length: 0.556-0.730
Overall Cartridge Length: 0.922-1.12


Thank you for your reply no those numbers do not pan out what I got is as follows
Head 312 case mouth 312 case length 728 bullet over paper patch 326 overall length 1134
hope you have a few more numbers for me thanks


forgot the rim 371


Cartridgecorner found the round for me no it is not in EB NO1 follow the fun on the
Forum hope to see ya in August.