Hello I have to shows like this that my dad had and we found when we are going through his things. Can you tell me what they are? Just needed know if I need to hang on to them. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, could be 37mm, to make identification easier, measurements will help. Cheers

Tony, the 37G means “37mm Gun”.

This is a M74 AP-T projectile and is for the M3, M5, M6 AT guns and the M1A1 AA gun.

Good morning Auroraborealis and welcome to this Forum.
Please forgive us, writing in rather usual “ammunition-language”. So, AP-T means just armor-piercing projectile with a tracer i.e. the hole in the base of the “thing” filled with some luminescent stuff, burning during flight. Oh yes, AT is antitank.

Dirk, defacto a tracer compound is not luminiscent as such. :-)

(Alex, damn you! ) By now, Auroraborealis should understand the working-principle of a tracer.

Thanks for the information I’m not really sure what all of it means. So I’m guessing it’s World War II? Are they worth anything? Just trying to figure out what I should do with them.

This proj. is in great condition and there sure is many people wanting one of these.
Should be very easy to trade away to your benefit and it sure will find a new home where it will be valued.

I see all Dirk did was confusing you (damn him too!)! :-)
Here all on tracers:

Welcome Auroraborealis.

Below is some info on your projectile from a US Army Technical Manual, TM 9-1901, Artillery Ammunition (1944):

You may find additional markings on the copper rotating band, such as the year of manufacture. Also, it has not been fired as there is no engraving of rifling on the copper band (fired projectiles have the appearance of angled “teeth” engraved into the soft copper band by the rifled gun barrel).