i have an empty cartridge from Metalwork Elisenhutte. G.m.b.h Nassau, Lahn , Germany
the engravings are ME 8/41, No1 II, M, 5/41, 582, (WR)
its about 70cm long,
has a big bottom end with a threaded area as to be screwed in a single shot gun of sorts,
would like to identify this?
any help would be great


robdog, welcome here!

To be honest it does not sound like anything made by Metallwerk Elisnehütte (MEN).

As per the marking you are giving it sounds like a British item made in 1941 (no MEN at that time).

Could you give us an image of the head stamp and a side view and precise measurements? In particular from inside the case neck and the total length of the case.


i can’t getthe measurements just yet as my brother has the cartridge


Robdog the images are not working somehow.


i can email you the images if u want?