[identified] 10.4 Swiss Buholzer ball and incendiary bullets

Can anyone identify these bullets?

Bonjour Aaron, the two last bullet on your picture looks very similar to the 10.4 Swiss Bucholzer paper ctgs ball, the last the explosive bullet.
Many trials were made in the 1860ies to develop a cased ammunition. This is probably part of it. Very interesting anyway. You can find two more for me!

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction JF, and those who emailed me.

In Manfred Beutter’s auctions there are 10 or so pinfires that use the Bucholzer bullet in them for the Swiss trials. Is is possible this or these could have also been one used in the trials? This one is has a coarse powder in it, and this insert at the bottom of the incendiary bullet. This also makes me think it could just be the bottom of the Swiss paper cartridge still stuck in this bullet. Thoughts?

Here is another pinfire used in the Swiss trials shown with it. This and many of the other pinfires in the trials used this SFM headstamp.

Also, here are the cartridges from Beutter’s auctions:


I must say, that these are beautiful cartridges! Thanks for posting this thread Aaron!