Identify 20x70 RR Becker

I found this cartridge in an Army warehouse. It does not have any identification in the head-stamp but it looks like a 20 millimeter Becker. Its nickel-plated empty projectile seems a demostration inert. The primer is stamped with the code 32 11,25.
can someone provide some information to identify its origin? IMG_20190612_234325~2|406x1600

*Edit misspelled.

Very interesting primer marks.
Please excuse my ignorance but this 20mm Berquet gun is unknown to me. Could you perhaps mean the 20mm Becker gun?

oh yes, you’re right, just misspelled
Thank you for the correction¡

Actually this one here is a 20x72RR SEMAG or then Oerlikon.
A successor of Becker as the company moved to Seebach in Switzerland after 1919, there became “SEMAG” (Seebacher Maschinenbau AG) and was obtained by Oerlikon somewhat later.

Oerlikon then based the slightly modified 20x72RR on the Becker design and developed the 20x100RR and the well known 20x110RR on it.